So you have had you extensions in for awhile and they are strating to look abit dull, blow drying, straightening, curling have all had an affect…well check out Morroccan oil to help blast some life back into your hair!!!
The luxury brand, MOROCCANOIL®, is the originator and leading manufacturer of professional Argan Oil hair products and the fastest growing independent company in the professional salon industry.
Salon-exclusive MOROCCANOIL® products have a strong following among leading runway, film, television and celebrity stylists who search for the very finest for their A-list clients. MOROCCANOIL® is a backstage fixture frequently used to create hair for major magazine covers, fashion editorial spreads, as well as for award shows including the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, Independent Spirit Awards and MTV Awards. It is fast becoming popular and available through most hair extension suppliers. The beautiful Kim Kardashian was in this months HAIR magazine and is quoted as saying ” I love Moroccan Oil it keeps my hair smooth and glossy” so if its good enough for her….
Amazing at regenerating tired hair extensions back to a glossy red carpet finish…have you tried it???? tell us what you think.
Hasta la vista!!! xxx

Hello world!

Hi Girls, So you have decided to get hair extensions –  Microbead, Fusion, Clip Ins….too many to choose from!!! I have been wearing extensions for over 20 years. My Favourite is the Microbead application..but thats all trial and error over the years. Having worn extensions for so long I have realised the key to great extensions regardless of application is good aftercare and maintanence…looking after your locks is Key! So the purpose of my blog is to keep you up to date on great products, aftercare secrets and the latest hair trends and styles for hair extensions and also a place for us to answer any questions you may have…if your thinking it someone else will be too. We pride ourselves on the best aftercare service.

Hasta La Vista Dolls xxxx