Hot Locks

HotlocksIts almost Summer girls!!! Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun kissed Hair??? What about my hair extensions??? Extensions on holiday can be a royal pain in the bikini clad tush if not taken care of properly. And we all know youare still going to wear them. I know I do…so follow my tips and you will be rocking the best beach hair in town.

Mositure, Moisture and more moisture…hair extensions can dry out very quickly on holiday leaving your long flowing beach babe locks looking more like a beach bums dreadlocks!!! All the sun sea and chlorine!!! Good news is that there are some great products out there to keep your hair extensions fabulous. The two I have chosen wont break the bank and they also come in a little kit ideal for packing away in your suitcase.

Racoon Travel Kits £15.00

X-10 Kits £15.00

Overstyling your hair extensions on holiday can dry your locks out fast. GHDs, curling wands and hairdryers are all quxik fixes but try avoid where possible. Hair extensions can look great when left to dry naturally, in particular if they are the body wave…if not you can also braid them which will create a gorgeous wave.

The Extensionators Secret Weapon!!!!!! – I absolutly love VO5 Micrle mist. I have been wearing extensions for over 15 years so trust me when I say this little bottle will come in very handy on holiday. Its in a cute wee white and pink bottle, it smells great and it dramatically restores the moisture in your hair extensions and overall just makes them so much easier to manage 🙂

My Top Holiday Tip!!!!! – When swimming always tie your hair in a low braid and tie a bobble at the end of the braid only!!!! Never tie it in a tight bun……I have seen the results of this and two hours later I managed to remove all the tangling!!!!

Donna xx