To Weave or Not to Weave…….

imagesCA2XU88J……That is this months blog question :)…..There are many different ways to apply wefts today. The most common being the Braided weave. Over the last 6 months I have experimented with alternatives to the weave as a lot of us girls don’t have very thick hair and find that the braided weave can be bulky, tight on the head and ensuring the braids are completely dry can be time consuming. I find that regardless of the application the weaves/wefts will always be more bulky and not as free flowing as individual strands so they do take a little longer to become accustomed too. Through the time I have applied and also tried out myself, the Micro weft, the Braidless weave and the Malaysian weave. ( My personal Favourite was the Malaysian weave, it was secure, flat on my head and very versatile which I need as I wear my hair up a lot) I have put together details of each one so you can decide which is best for you. FULL WEAVE Popular with coarser type hair, all your natural hair is braided into cornrows against your scalp to create a base. Wefts of hair are sewn onto the braids. A net can be sewed over top so there is less stress on the braids. LASTS: 1-3 months PROS: * Good for a complete change in hair colour & texture because all your natural hair is hidden * It’s a good protective way to grow out your hair * No chemicals are needed CONS: * Scalp gets itchy * May feel bulky, takes awhile to get used to * Requires time for proper care because it’s difficult to shampoo and moisturize * Your head could start to stink – Fungus and bacteria will settle on the braids if not dried completely after being washed * Can hurt and cause damage if braids are too tight * Requires patience and care during removal * Not as suitable for fine hair as the cornrows can slip —————————————————————————— PARTIAL WEAVE Some of your natural hair is braided against scalp. About 2 to 5 cornrows. Wefts of hair are then sewn onto these tracks. (The extension hair matches your own texture because some natural hair is left out.) LASTS: 2-3 months PROS: * Usually less expensive than a full weave * Less bulky and itchy than a full weave CONS: * The extension hair must match your own hair * Braids can loosen if not done correctly ————————————————————————– —-malaysian-braidless-sew-in-technique1 MALAYSIAN WEAVE, or BRAIDLESS SEW-IN A newer weave method where thread and a small amount of natural hair are used to create a track (similar to a braid, but less bulky and very flat.) The wefts of hair are sewn onto these “tracks”. Or the Malaysian weave is a row of microbeads with the weft sewn on top of this. LASTS: 2-3 months PROS: * Good for all hair types * Good for people with short hair (1/2 inch) because no braids are necessary * Produces a most flat and undectectable weave * No chemicals, lightweight * Less time in the stylist’s chair CONS: * Can be expensive * Stylist needs to be experienced, or else weave won’t stay secure

The Extensionators Top Product Tip :


Check out this link for amazing Russian/Mongolian weave hair at a great price.

The Extensionators Top Tip: The weight for a normal full head is 120g..this can differ from product to product so always do a little research before purchasing hair to make sure they are a reputable company. Also if you have very thick hair you may require more.


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